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                                   Tom's Marketing Plan...It Works!


                                       Step 1:  Preparing Your Home for Sale

                                       *Property Inspection -
Before listing your home, I will inspect and identify
                                          improvements that could increase profit on the sale.
                                      Marketing Your Home...
                                          No two homes are alike and neither are all Realtors.  Individual attention sets me apart. 
                                         Approximately 80% of all first inquiries regarding real estate use the Internet.  Two elements
                                         are critical; technology and fundamental applications insure you the most satisfaction throughout
                                         the process. The first thing I need to do is Prepare a Competitive AND a Comparative
                                         Market Analysis (CMA)
to establish fair market value looking at sold and active listings of
                                          like comparison, determining market time, market trends, and absorption rate to bring about the
                                         sale of your home in a timely manner.
  These are items I use to get your home SOLD...

                                       *Property Flyers - An individually prepared marketing tool that includes graphics
                                          and highlights of your home; distributed to other brokerage firms and potential buyers.
                                       *Multiple Listing Service (MLS) - Information about your home is added to a database
                                          of currently available properties and is accessible by real estate professionals.
                                       *Other Brokers/Agents - We cooperate with and invite other brokers and agents
                                          in the community to tour your home in order to find a buyer.
                                       *The Internet - With approximately 80% of today's consumers utilizing the Internet
                                          for real estate information, we employ a set of tools and resources to make your home
                                          available for preview.    *Staging - I will make recommendations, regarding the marketing and staging
                                          of your home, as they are pertinent to a successful sale.
                                       *Establish Goals - Markets do fluctuate so it is important to establish your goals
                                          so we can work to meet them.
                                      *Listing Price - Establishing a competitive yet realistic listing price is critical to the
                                          success of the sale.  We use the most advanced CMA tools to derive the right price.
                                      *Preparing and complete all forms to facilitate listing including:
                                          property specifics, listing agreement, agency relationships, amendments, well & septic
                                         disclosures, property disclosures, home warranty programs, home inspections, listing
                                         data forms, net proceeds, showing information, county tax information, plats, survey,
                       title information. 

                                       Step 2:  Promoting the Property

                                       *Digital photography - Once you home is ready to list, I will photograph it.
                                       *Full color property listing - The photo and listing information will be published
                                         through for all the brokerage community and potential buyers. 
                                       *Advertise in real estate books, newspapers, real estate magazines.
                                       *The Internet - My website along with will provide 24 hour exposure
                                         via the Internet for your home. is the nations top real estate search site,
                                         with multiple photos and agent contact information.

                                                 Step 3:  Technology Tools
                                       *Multiple Listing Service (MLS) - Information about your home will be included in this
                                                    database of currently available properties accessible by real estate professionals. 
                                       *Vancleave Real Estate website features listings for all viewers who come to this site
                                         to search for homes.

                                                 *Email Contact - I am available for individual contact through email and will send specific
                                         information about your listing to all who request it.

                                       Step 4:  Expectations and Communications

                                       *All calls and email inquiries regarding your home are followed up immediately!
                                       *Represent you in the presentation of all purchase agreements,
including those of
                                         cooperating brokers, and help to negotiate the best possible price and terms to meet your needs.
                                       *I will handle all follow-throughs during the period between acceptance of the purchase
                                         agreement and the closing
including situations that may arise and keep you informed as to
                                        what is going on concerning mortgage, title, appraisal, water and sewer certifications, disclosures,
legal, contingency removals, date-time-location of closing, walk-thru, details leading up to closing
                                         and other closing procedures.
                                       *Access to your property will be secured by me through secure lockboxes and no one
                                         will gain admittance to your property without my permission.